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Glasses for HDFURY IV

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Watching 3D is supported for CRT/DLP/PLASMA/LED/.. @ 50/60 or 100/120Hz and above.
Watching 3D is not supported for LCD@50/60Hz due to inherent ghosting&cross-talk of LCD.

This Kit includes:

A Pair of IR/RF 3D glasses
Macro USB charging cable

€ 99,00€ 3950,00

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Product Description

3Dfury IR/RF Glasses

    World First IR/RF (2in1) 3D Glasses operating from 48 to 144Hz
    Most Advanced 3D Glasses
    Interference Immunity
    Work with all 3DTVs
    Work with all non-3DTVs powered by 3Dfury
    Work in IR Mode with any Sony IR 3DTV
    Add Simulview support to any Sony 3DTV using Dr HDMI
    Add Simulview support to any HDTV using 3Dfury and Dr HDMI
    Settings are applied directly on the glasses.
    Control Delay directly on the glasses.
    Control Duty Cycle directly on the glasses.
    Invert button directly on the glasses.
    Loaded with more than 500 presets selectable on the glasses.
    Full Sharpness and Brightness control.
    Macro USB connector for Battery (25+ hours)
    IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee radio) Technology
    Microsecond accuracy
    Eliminate Ghosting
    1 Year Warranty
    Frequency 900 Mhz
    Power consumption 3mA
    130mA Battery, working time around 25 hours
    Operational Distance 7-8 meters


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